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Tammy J. Keiffer
the designer
I'm average and nerdy all in one. I'm quirky. I'm a major multitasking perfectionist & organizational freak. I'm very stubborn and I do what I want when I want when I have my mind set, positively speaking. In other words I do not need to be led by the nose.
I keep ultra occupied with web design - development, extra projects, maintaining marine & freshwater aquariums + a warm weather garden pond, tennis, & mt. biking. I also enjoy digital photography, sketching trees, painting, gardening, researching, learning, and of course writing/rambling. The list goes on.
I meet deadlines and I work hard at what I do. I can take constructive criticism well. I'm fun, goofy, intelligent, and I am liked by most people because I am easy to get along with. I treat people well and do not cause problems. I stand up for what I believe in.
I don't always follow traditions and I do not do what everyone else is doing just to be identical and liked. When it comes to my work and the ability of knowing it all is impossible, If I do not know how to do something I do not mind communicating it freely. If I know how I do not mind proving it. I never say I can complete a task without having the ability to accomplish it. If I do not know, I am always eager to research, learn, and tackle it head on.
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
Tammy J. Keiffer

attention to detail
Many call it perfectionism, I call it paying close attention to detail. I was sitting around a group of people, working on a Flash gadget. I noticed a glitch. I said, "ugh look at that." No one else could see it. I can find a hair movement over a couple of keyframes easily. To me a slight movement is a major fault. Others commented, "It is no big deal ." I looked at them, "Are you nuts?" It is a huge deal in design". I don't want glitches. I don't work hard on a project for that. It really drives me crazy to see Photoshop work that is loaded with MESSY or noticeable LAZINESS and it's the same with Flash. If it is there and you see it, fix it. Don't pretend no one will notice. I don't act like I am or my work is perfect, but I do care very much about rather or not it is presentable. I don't agree with procrastination or throwing work together with such sloppiness that it deserves not to be respected or looks like a kindergartner (no offense to 5 year olds) could do it with finger paints..... Anyway I go on to say something super dorky like, "The value of the X axis is off by .1 in scene 1, objects folder, button layer, keyframe 2 causing the on_btn to shift " ( that is a .1 (+1) not a -.1 which means what? Right of origin/ X axis = positives) and I get a lot of silly, blank looks that read, "are you serious?" I'M VERY SERIOUS. Do you see a smile on my face. Re-worded,,,scene 1/ objects folder, button layer, on_btn is off by .1 on the X axis (horizontal) on keyframe 2. If the X value on keyframe 2 is increased by .1 (+1) from what the value is on keyframe 1, the on_btn will move to the right. If it is decreased (-.1) it will shift to the left. Oh gesh, the flipping button is shifting to the right! and that is all I had to say but the Spinelli side kicks in and I want people to see it how I see it. Now you know my frustration.
Digital Artwork | Hybrid Owl - Tammy J. Keiffer

Digital Artwork | Hybrid Owl
never a dull moment
This site shows the fun side of my life. This is where two parts merge into one. They basically do at one point or another. The work I develop in my career for clients, I also (by choice) spend a great part of free time on my own projects with this site, flash animation, the blog, digital photography, 3d imagery, sketching, characters etc. This is where the work displayed on this site, the blog, the portfolio, and the reef site come into the scene. Aside from reef keeping/coral propagation and tennis, this is who I am. This is what I am about. I have been very blessed with natural / multi talent and I never take that for granted. I enjoy what I do very much and I am very proud of everything I have accomplished, so far. I've done alot in a very short time frame. I'm early in my career. There will be much more to come as this is 25% of my true potential. I'll kick it up a notch or two when I'm ready.
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