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The player can battle against the Einsatzgruppen and obtain certain items allowing entrance to some locked areas; however, are not permitted to enter the main area of the castle where the gallery resides nor can they continue the game without access into the main area.

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system requirements
Windows Platform
DirectX Version 9.0c
1.7GHz+ Processor
384MB of Ram
128MB Video Card
Disk Space
Demo/Level One - 141MB
Full - 216MB
Windows Platform
DirectX Version 9.0c
2.0GHz Processor
512MB of Ram
256MB Video Card
Disk Space
Demo/Level One - 141MB
Full - 216MB
"the escape", a pc based video game that takes place in Medzhybizh located in South Western Ukraine during World War II in 1941. A young Jewish girl, Lavana who is in her mid- twenties and her father, Zohar are forced into exile from their village to a judengasse also known as a ghetto. It was established solely for the purpose of enslaving Jews as laborers on the Bundesautobahn (known as a freeway in English terms) construction project ordered by Adolf Hitler. Zohar, a laborer amongst many others who are forced to live in the ghetto are killed in 1942 by the Einsatzgruppen (SS Death Squad) after the freeway is complete. Meanwhile Lavana escapes the Einsatzgruppen as she seeks refuge in the hidden tunnels of the castle at which she discovers during her days spent roaming the ghetto.
Combat the Einsatzgruppen
Gain access to the castle.
Locate the hidden entrance to the tunnels that lead to the secret room.
Rescue Lavana
Brothersoft Editor's Pick

NOTE: While the dates and place of the storyline are based on some factual events in history during WWII, the main two characters and story pertaining to them are strictly fictional.
This game is not intended for a young audience as it does contain weapons and gore. I take no responsibility for irresponsible parents who do not monitor their child's video game play or internet usage.
All layouts, logos, images, articles, and all other work on this site was created from ground up by Tammy J. Keiffer (unless stated otherwise) and is not to be copied or used for any purpose with out my written permission. Under no circumstances are the game texture files (owned and created by to be copied or reused.

Rollover Game Image/ Exterior & Interior, The Escape
Straight Walkway Game Texture, Curved Walkway Game Texture, Grass Game Texture,
Wooden Floor Game Texture, Main Castle Floor Game Texture, Patio Game Texture,
Wall Game Texture, Ivy Wall Game Texture, Plain Wall Game Texture,
above: I created numerous textures for, "The Escape". These do not come with the engine. They are not to be copied and reused.
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